Charity support

As people we ought to create unity; giving everyone the possibility in life. When one sees the possibility to grow, either finiancially or emotionally, happiness will very often flourishes. We, Hans and Maurice, believe hapiness is like a very important inner value that we want to see all around us.

However, as two individuals we are not empowered nor specialized enough to make a change. Therefore we have decided we ‘d better support specialized organisations that fight inequality and bring happiness in our hearts. So 1/3 of price from the painting you purchase goes directly to this charity support in Bulgaria.

This projects get your support

We have selected the project “every child deserves science” by Muzeiko Foundation because children are the base for the future and Muzeiko is a non for profit organization with the mission is to provoke kids’ interest towards art and science through play.


The project gives kids from underprivileged and low-income families in Bulgaria and those deprived of parental care an opportunity to approach science and experimentation by visiting the only children science center in the country MUZEIKO, or by participating in its outreach program. Your support will cover: the cost of educational formats for organized groups in Muzeiko; and the cost of conducting science workshops by Muzeiko’s team at schools or residential/rehabilitation centers.


Education in Bulgaria is passive, lots of text and facts and little in terms of practical training. Books tend to be complicated, with heavy scientific explanations in a difficult language. Only a limited number of schools have specialized labs, bringing a microscope in class is a huge event that kids talk about for months. The socio-economic factor is another burden in Bulgarian educational system- extracurricular classes are accessible to a small number of students mainly living in big cities.


Muzeiko with its interactive content and exhibition offers an alternative to the traditional science education at schools. The programs and exhibits are based on the theory of learning through play and applied activities, multiple intelligences, suggestopedia, and other techniques for accelerated learning and expanding kids’ potential. They offer various programs and activities each of which tickle kids’ curiosity about science, engineering, ecology, communication and the arts.

Long-Term Impact

We believe that the inspirational effect on kids visiting Muzeiko would motivate teachers to apply similar techniques they see in Muzeiko in their classroom. Furthermore, the simple visit to the center itself would broaden kids’ horizons and show them the world in different perspective. Every child deserves to witness from Muzeiko magic. If we manage to change one’s life and sparkle the interest towards science to even one little explorer from underprivileged family, we would have done the most.

by Muzeiko Foundation