Answers about buying our online paintings

If you are considering to buy a painting online, you probably have some questions. On this webpage we answer 6 common questions that will provide you with you a good insight on this matter.

Why the name ‘de juiste’?

The goal is that people will become fans of our work, or some of the work that we exhibit here, and as soon as that happens the right connection is established!
Google Translate doesn’t consistently define “een band” here:

Why is the website in English?

Despite it being a Dutch domain we have decided to first set this up in English because we work on this project together. We often fine-tune titles of paintings and other important things using English. In the near future we will translate this website to several languages so that most of the world will understand our Color Stroke series.

What about the paint?

In order to make the series successful Hans used this combination of oil and acrylic paint in almost all of the works. The oil paint is more shiny and therefore this combination adds different observations from different viewpoints. See example here:

What is your pricing strategy for paintings?

We will always have individuals complaining about the price, those who want to have their cake and eat it. But why do you want to drive a Ferrari or Tesla? Instead of a cheap Bob Ross copy, you are looking at the Color Stroke Series from Hans Spilker, who is yet an undiscovered but highly talented painter. As truly unique and therefore priceless. The story of us and this series is a truly distinctive one.

What an effect has Corona on people who buy a painting online?

The good news is that the art market has not ceased to exist since the coronavirus emerged; rather, it is shifting, as internet sales take up more and more space.

Look at what’s going on today, for example, at Sotheby’s or Christie’s.

Prior to 2020, the majority of collectors and investors believed that, just as we don’t marry over the internet, we don’t acquire valuable artworks over the internet.

“Only amateurs, buy artworks surreptitiously.” They asserted.

And in less than a year, what happened? The international market has swung full circle, and world-famous artworks are changing hands for $10 million to $100 million, surpassing online auction sales records. Wealthier individuals have always purchased and will continue to purchase artwork; but, the sales and purchasing channels will change in the future.

Is the Color Stroke Serie a safe investment?

It could be a great investment but we simply don’t know. We have been building the Spilker Art collection since 2011.
It’s still impossible to predict who the next Picasso will be, or which young contemporary artist’s prices will skyrocket, or which artist will vanish into the shadows ahead of schedule. Therefor the right connection (=de juiste band) with the painting is so important.

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