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This page is founded to support our love for art and creativity. In the world and on the world wide web there so many beautiful things that can enrich our spirits and happiness. For artists like Spilker the creation of the painting is often satifying already. Therefore we created this portal to give growth to art, creativity and spirit. In the modern world we need to have our portofio available on major portals like instagram, facebook and influencial art websites.

In order to support art we have created this instragram page for our own work. But in our experience this was not sufficient, because often art cannot thrive on a computer screen. We have friends that reply and give us thumbs up, but they forget their thumbs up as quickly as they gave it. So the problem that we experience is that art does not sell itself online, and yet is not a medium that can be ignored, right?

The number of art website, besides insta and other famous portals, that are really influcial these days are not abundant. This website: timeout has written an article on many websites that I have not even heard of, the title of it ‘best art website’. This illustrates to us that art is not easily promoted on the net.

SEO for Art

Nowadays Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO) is a very important, if not the most the important, part of for website. This involves all activities of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results in search engines; it aims to improve your website’s position in search results pages. But does this work for art?

Art Keywords

There are many companies and individuals that believe to be SEO specialist and according them effective SEO involves three main activities:

  • Defining relevant keywords with good search traffic potential
  • Creating high-quality, useful content and optimizing it for search engines and for users
  • Including relevant links from high-quality sites

Defining keywords turned out to be problemetic for us, because how do we describe a painting that is not meant to evoke the same boring picture all the time? We dodn’t. The beauty of art and creativity lies within our imagination. We think that writing a predictable and SEO optimized story about art work is almost similar to swearing at the art work itself.

What do you think? This story is to be continued… The main point that we are trying to make here is that we are willing to put links to your work on this portal, so please send us a your portfolio link!! We will look at your work and add you here.

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