About us

If you put all the colors from country flags where we have lived into one color stroke, you will surely get a nice effect as well. We have continued a friendship that started in Asia. We have started as neighbours in Cha-am, Thailand. Now we have brought this colorful friendship into Europe – where we both live, and online.

Hans is the artist who likes to show off and trigger your imagenation. He can dance on water, he treats massive lions like little pussy cats and he has an exceptional, sometimes fun but often unique life.

Art is as true as we imagen it is, so make it happen!


With his German roots and a few art skills, he has travelled and lived in Asia too. This is where Maurice and Hans got acquanted. The two stayed in contact whilst both living in Europe.

Color Stroke Arts Serie

color stroke

At this website we display the Color Stroke serie. The serie was made in 2018, 2019 and 2020 whilst Hans Spilker was living in Bulgaria. The technique he uses is a combination of Oil and Acryl paint. When you look at the paintings in reality you will notice the reflection of the oil paint, adding another dimension to it, as it reflects.

Hans: “Intuition, reason and chance helped me to create”

Why it is popular?

The majority of people who we have asked like the Color Stroke serie because of the colors and trigger of their imagination. This divine piece of art work can lead and push the mind into many directions.Is is so enthralling and appealing that it is almost like a drug helping you define your world in a harmless but very pleasant way. The fact that each Color stroke painting ticles the imagenation is why we love it so much, and why it is so immense popular.

Discussion about inner beauty and values

During, more often after, a game of heavy chess, Hans and Maurice often discussed the different paintings, giving them titles. It is the inner beauty that is significant and the titles too.