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The name of the online gallery ‘Spilkart’ is a fusion of two words together: ‘Spilker + Art’. The artist Hans Spilker proudly presents over 30 different works of incredible art. Initially Spilkart paintings were mainly created for the artist himself. It was not until an actual visit in Burgas, that his art work also started to fascinate a Dutch friend.

The energy in water – recent Spilkart topic

In 2022 and 2023 Hans is slowly but gradually mastering to catch the waves. In a funny matter I would like to refer to him as ‘the wave catcher’, although he refuses to go into a wave on a hot summer day. Living at a coastal beach village in Bulgaria inspires him, so he challenges himself to paint the energy and dynamics of Black Sea. Hans tried different techniques and studied with a lot of patience in order to create this new Spilkart collection.

Recent ‘energy in water’

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The fanatasy color strokes

Before the time that artist man Spilker was catching waves, as explained above, he made a magnificant series of painting, which I would describe as fantasy in colorstroke art. It is a unkown technique which Hans claims to have invented himself. Reason, intuition and chance helped him. In total he produced about sixty to seventy paintings in this genre. For me as a close friend it was an amazing journey to go through collection and therefore I decided to share this online with the world. In the section below you can more about the Color Stroke Serie collection.

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About us

If you put all the colors from country flags where we have lived into one color stroke, you will surely get a nice effect as well. We have continued a friendship that started in Asia. We have started as neighbours in Cha-am, Thailand. Now we have brought this colorful friendship into Europe – where we both live, and online.

Hans is the artist who likes to show off and trigger your imagenation. He can dance on water, he treats massive lions like little pussy cats and he has an exceptional, sometimes fun but often unique life.

Art is as true as we imagen it is, so make it happen!


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Color Stroke Serie

On Spilkart.com we proudly present the artistic achievements of mr. Spilker. We have opened this portfolio online to freely share the possibilities of art and paintings.

At the moment this website is showing over 35 paintings. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the art we made available here in this art catalogue .